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Paris project continues

Not such a long gap this time so straight on with the post.

The first piece was inspired by a carved motif on a door not far from our hotel.


This is the motif itself.


I made a pattern of the motif.

Door-motif I used a lovely red satin weave fabric for the base to work the gold motif. The lid was for the main design. I padded the main motif shape and hand satin stitched the fan design. Another version of the design was created on the sides.  They were machine stitched and painted with gold metallic paint.


As always, I created a mobile using the text of Paris.  Each letter was stitched out by the machine and a digitised distorted Paris text stitched out for the header of the mobile.


Obviously, the tower itself would be the base of many designs including this one of a needle case. I wanted to use up some serendipity paper so I ironed vilene onto the back to give it body and strength. I made different sized stencils of the tower and stenciled them onto the paper. The largest and front tower was over-stitched with gold thread to represent the structure of the tower. I used one of my Eiffel tower charms to hang from the tie.


I distorted the text of Paris then digitised it to stitch out on the front of a needle case.  Dyed blue fibres were laid down on the front of the folder and held in place using vermicelli stitch and gold thread. The digitised name was machines and then outlined using gold Japanese thread.


The pyramids at the Louvre were a needed inclusion to the project.  I wanted to represent the glass panels of the pyramid.  I decided to use Irisé cellophane paper.  This was laid over painted pelmet vilene with machine pattern stitches for the framework.


They turned out better than I had hoped.

One of the entrances to a metro station used a contemporary design of circles and coloured glass.

Streets-&-Seine_2884I decided to create some jewellery using the circles as the design source.  I rarely throw anything away and the little metal or plastic rings from old bras were just the job. I covered them with buttonhole stitch using a silver fingering thread. When all were complete, I stitched them together into a pendant necklace and a bracelet.


Continuing with the tube station entrance design, I decided to make a design to stitch onto the front of a note book.

Underground-entrance-art-note-pad-bookletDifferent sized rings were covered with silver fingering and then joined together into a design for the front of a note book book.

Distorted-La-Défence-windows-needle-caseA further use of the distorted windows was to make the cover for a needle case.  the design was printed onto fabric, slightly padded and then machine quilted following the edges of the design.


A different distorted effect was printed onto fabric and once again machine quilted and made up into a make-up purse.  I used gold buttons filled with tiny beads to cover the stitches of the press fasteners.

That is it for this post.  More to come.

Cheers everyone.


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