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More of the Paris project

Another long gap between posts but at last the time to post.

There are a number of what are known as ‘ponds’ around the pyramids outside the Louvre in Paris.  They have now become cracked and damaged and are now,  I understand, undergoing renovations. I took photographs of the tiled floor and through the water they were a lovely range of pastel blues, greens and yellows.


I took two slightly different photographs of these tiles and they inspired me to create two large painted and stitched panels.



One of my favourite buildings in Paris is the Grand Arch at La Défence.  It has many windows with lots of reflections in them.


I wanted to interpret this in some way and came up with the idea of having different iconic places in Paris in each of the windows. The windows were replicated in the sides and lid of a box.

Bx-Paris-locations-acetate-image-boxThe images in the windows were printed on clear acetate.  The cross members of the windows were made from button hole bars.

After creating the oak leaf vessel and bag tag, I continued with the oak leaf theme and made an oak leaf tassel. I made three oak leaves from pelmet vilene for the header of the tassel.


While I was on with making tassels, I decided to make an Eiffel Tower tassel using the same method.

Ts-Eiffel-tower-tasselThe tower is decked out with lights for  nightly light show so I used beads down the joins to represent this.

Following the theme of iconic places in Paris, I printed more of them on the acetate sheets and used them on the flap of a hand bag.

Iconic-places-in-paris-bagThe body of the bag was dark green acrylic velvet.  Not easy to work with and so very messy.  Bits everywhere!! However, it looks nice.

I have already used the Arab Institute building as inspiration for a number of pieces and this wall of tiles was used again to create another piece.

DSC_9110I used a distortion filter on this image of the tiles.

DSC_9110-curly-QTo create the fabric I used a mono printing method.  I spread a mixture of gold paints over a sheet of teflon and using my finger created the scrolls.  I pressed the fabric onto this paint to print it onto the fabric.  I added the black swirls with a brush.  The resulting fabric was made up into a purse and I used a swirly design to quilt the fabric.


Finally, from another iconic structure, the Moretti tower in La Defence, I created a panel.

DSC_9502The tower is very colourful with painted tubes of colour. Again, I applied a distortion filter to create a pattern.

DSC_9502-Displ-1I couched coloured yarns as close as possible to the colour of the tower and the design.

Moretti-tower-panelWell, that’s it for this post.  Hopefully it won’t be so long to the next one.

Cheers to everyone who visits.


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