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I have just realised how long it is since my last post. I think I had better post some more work as the list of pieces to post is getting very long now.

As I have said before, I am really enjoying creating art quilts whether they be for my projects or from other design sources.

This selection comes under the ‘other design sources’.


This was the design source for the next two art quilts.  It is an image of magnolia taken on a visit to ‘The Hutts’ in North Yorkshire. It is a beautiful sculpture garden.  I applied some special effects filters on the image in Photoshop. Two of them inspired and the following two art quilts were the result.



Some surface painting with metallic paints was applied after the stitching was complete.

The next small piece was just a sampler practicing a quilt pattern.  I used a piece of serendipity silk and metallic thread.


The next piece was a rescue piece. I was printing out the design onto silk and had done something wong (can’t remember what now) so I aborted the print. Not wanting to waste the printed silk I made it into a small panel.


The next piece was another small sample print which I liked and made into a quilted panel. However, I later decided to make it into a small purse.

Small-quilted-purse                                             Small-quilted-purse-close-up

We regularly visit an old railway restoration yard which is a wonderful place for photography.  I took this image of some old wooden sleepers propped up against an old goods wagon.


I enhanced the colours and duplicated the image several times, joining them together to make a long panorama art quilt.

Tanfield-sleepers-art-quiltAgain there is some highlighting with metallic paint.

I live fairly close to a river mouth and there is a culvert where local sea fishermen keep their boats.  We often go there for a photo shoot.  I quite liked one of the images of a single red and blue painted boat.  I played with it in Photoshop and created two art quilts, ons small and one larger.



The next piece took a long time – a lot of work.  I started with an image of some Hosta leaves taken in the gardens at Newby Hall.  Again, I played with the image in Photoshop and finished p with sixteen colour and stylised variations.


Each one was stitched as a separate panel and the I joined all sixteen together to make one large art quilt.

Hosta-art-quiltSome of them were flipped to make it balance and I highlighted some of them with metallic paint. Here is a close up.


I can’t find the original image for the net series. I will have it somewhere and will find it eventually.  It was an image of a wild geranium growing through some bean plant flowers in my garden. I played with it in Photoshop – as always – and the results led to a set of three panels each in a different colour palette.




I liked the red one so much that I selected and combined into a long panel.  They all had lots of surface painting after the stitching.


Here is a close up.


That is all of them for this post.  I am on with my Paris project now which is growing by the week.  There should be lots to post later.

Until then, cheers everyone.


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