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It has been a long spell since my last post and I have a long list of pieces finished and photographed, probably too many for this post.

I begin with a return to the Palazzo Contarini with the spiral stairway.  I used the image of one of the levels of the stairway  which had been changed with a filter in Photoshop.  This was printed on Transfer printer paper for dark colours.  This was ironed onto fabric, stitched and varnished and made into s book cover.


I had a small piece of heated Tyvek which I painted with a matching pink metallic paint and added some beads and made into a book tag.


Another small piece of the printed transfer paper I made a small bag tag.  This was hand stitched with a tight blanket stitch around the edge.


This little bag  was a further development of the mask theme.  I made a stamp of one of the masks I photographed in Venice.  This was stamped onto a sponged fabric. I then free machine quilted the masks and then background quilted the background.  I made four mask bag tags from felt which were stiffened with blind stiffening liquid. I used large eyelets to thread cord through to pull the bag closed.

I put the image of the mask into Photoshop and applied a kaleidoscope filter which gave me a lovely pattern.  I decided to use this design to emboss onto gold metal shim.  I created four of them.  These were then stitched onto the four sides of an open box.


I free machined the design on the five inside sides  the box.  I also stitched tiny delica beads around the box edges and around the embossed metal.


Near to the water bus station which serves St Mark’s square, there is a large metal frame sphere full of blue balls. I don’t know if these are glass or plastic but at night it is lit from the inside.  I took photographs of it while it was lit.  I put this image into Photoshop and applied a filter and created a beautiful fabric design which I printed onto white cotton. It was quilted and made into a keepsake folder.

The last piece for this post was created using the window fret design I used in previous posts.  This time I kept nearer to the actual colour of the fretwork – bronze. The fretwork panel was constructed the same as for the bronze vessel – pelmet vilene base, Bonda web, transfer foil and bronze sheer fabric.  This panel was then stitched to the flap of a book made using quilted bronze satin.


I went to the Harrogate K&S show last November and found some wonderful bronze beads.  The smaller ones were used to make the handle for the bag and one of the large beads was used to make a bag tag.

I am going to finish this post now as I feel I have used enough pieces for the time being.  I have many more but they will have to wait a while although maybe not as long as the time between this post and the last one.

So until the next post

Cheers everyone.


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