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I though that I should post another blog before our trip to Dubai as I am sure I will be extemely busy processing images after my return so no time then. I am also preparing some sessions for my camera club on creative imaging which will take up a fair bit of time. So here goes. There is rather a lot to cover.

This file cover was created using a design created from an image of the front facade of our hotel in Dubai.  I put it through a distortion pattern filter to create this design.

You can still see the windows and the decorative fretwork.  I transposed the design with canvas work stitching on a very open weave soft fabric.  It was so soft that I had to treat it with a stiffening agent to work with it.  When the stiching was complete it was mounted onto some furnishing fabric recycled from recovering my sofas.  This was then stitched to make a file cover.

I plan to keep some of the sketches and printouts in it.

Keeping the distortion effect theme, the next three pieces were created from an image of windows on a building alongside The Creek. I liked three of the design so as I usally do, if I can’t decide which one, I do them all.  The designs were printed onto white lawn cotton.  I painted over some of the detail with metallic acrylic paints.

These were then quilt sandwiched and free machine quilted.  I made them all the same size and stretched them over box frames which I made. they work together as a tryptich.

Another piece was created from the same distortion effect but was given a colour change.  I tackled this piece differently.  I traced the design onto tissue paper and free machined it onto a quilt sandwich using a plum coloured cotton fabric. I used some machined satin stitching over the stronger lines of the design.  After the stiching I highlighted areas with paints and guilding waxes.

I took an image in the Heritage villagewhich I put into Photoshop and used a colour effect on it.  It gave a very vibrant coloured image which i liked.  I planned to print this onto transfer printer paper and make a small A4 sized art quilt.

However, part way through the print out the yellow ink ran out and the image was banded. It was useless for the art quilt ,so me being me and not wanting to waste a full sheet of transfer paper or ink, I decided to play with it.  I washed water over it which blended and blurred the colours.  Then I painted squirls and scrolls over it with water and then with white acrylic ink.  I ironed the transfer paper onto some black fabric which enriched the colours as it does when ironed. Then I had the idea if painting over these white squirls and scrolls with gold metallic paint. Liked it even more.  I free machine quilted the piece.

I decided to make it into a purse.  My rescued heritage village image turned out to be a pleasing success.

I made some bag tags from old jewellery and beads.

When I went over to the villa earlier this year, I took some hand stitching with me.  Blackwork is an easy thing to pack and do when away from home.  I managed to finish another one of these pieces since my return.  It is another ipod touch pouch using another of the window patterns from the heritage village. I had to search the web to find and buy some clasps to hang it.


Another image of a patterned wall was the design source for the next few pieces. This image is the result of selecting and pasting the wall pattern to get the design I needed.

I changed the colours using a gradient map and printed this onto printer transfer paper.

I cut a panel from this and ironed it onto black felt and free machined the design to give a gentle quilted effect. I made this panel into the flap of a satin purse.

I used the pattern to free machine quilt the main body of the purse.


With the remaining print out I made some bag tags.  It was ironed onto stained pelmet vilene.  I applied some embossing powder some of them.

Liking the colours and the design I decided to print out another panel.  This one was made into a keepsake folder.

I made a stamp of this pattern using ‘Funky’ foam and stamped the centre part of the design onto each page of the folder pockets.

I have still to fully utilise this stamp and have plans for more pieces.

This next image is the result of yet another distortion filter on the facade of the Arabian Courtyard Hotel in the old town of Dubai.  I have created a hanging of this but it isn’t yet potographed so watch this space.  It was a fiddly piece to make but I got there.


That just about brings me up to date so cheers for now.  Must go and empty the washing machine!!!


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