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Well I am all set to start posting again but before I do I must give a BIG BIG thank you to Karen who helped me so much. It is thanks to her that I am able to blog again so soon. Karen has two blogs, one for textiles and the other for gardening. So if you like gardening click on the link on her textile blog.

I have been doing some printing recently and the last post showed a print of a digital collage I created for my Ancient Egyptian project. I also printed on overhead acetate film and am creating several pieces using the prints. The first piece is a bag.

I sourced numerous Pharaoh images and then sized and arranged them into a square to print onto the acetate sheet.

Once printed I cut them up into individual images and using several different threads together, buttonhole stitched around the edges. When this was done I joined them back together using a crochet hook, chain stitching and two different gold threads. This panel was to be the front of the bag.

I used a pale sandy coloured suedette fabric for the bag. I stitched the panel to the suedett and stitched large gold flower beads at each intersection.

I machine stitched a lotus flower stitch pattern along both

edges of the bag handle.

I used a slightly darker sandy coloured silk fabric for the lining. I machined single lotus flowers over the lining surface to quilt and hold the wadding in place. Then I assembled the whole bag.

Using two more acetate images I made zip pull tags to hang down the side.

Another finished piece for the project.

The weather hasn’t been too kind for photography lately, especially macro which is my favourite, but I have managed to do some. I have yellow and orange poppies which are looking beautiful at the moment.

These bean flowers have crept in from next door’s garden and are decorating my hedge. I love them and I didn’t even have to plant them.

I have a large rhododendron bush in the side garden and I manged to take this photograph before the buds opened fully. Must try and take some of the full blooms.

I have several dwarf azaleas and they have been at their best ever this year.

So that’s it for today’s blog and no problems creating it.

I am back to working on the next two pieces using the printed acetate.

Cheers everyone.


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Pulling my hair out

If anyone finds this – I am really struggling to set up my page on this blogging site. It is going to take some time before I am able to post the way I did on Blogger so bear with me.

My first attempt to upload an image failed so trying again.

It is a print of the profile of Nefertiti with a created fill in a triple arrangement.



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New start

A new beginning on a new blogging site.

Older posts can be viewed by clicking on the link in the right hand margin to my old Blogger site.

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